Economics and Law of Artificial Intelligence


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This book presents a comprehensive analysis of the alterations and problems caused by new technologies in all fields of the global digital economy. The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) not only on law but also on economics is examined. In the first part, the economics of AI are explored, including topics such as e-globalization and digital economy, corporate governance, risk management, and risk development, followed by a quantitative econometric analysis which utilizes regressions stipulating the scale of the impact. In the second part, the author presents the law of AI, covering topics such as the law of electronic technology, legal issues, AI and intellectual property rights, and legalizing AI. Case studies from different countries are presented, as well as a specific analysis of international law and common law. This book is a must-read for scholars and students of law, economics, and business, as well as policy-makers and practitioners, interested in a better understanding of legal and economic aspects and issues of AI and how to deal with them. .

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