Luxembourg in International Tax Planning


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The book takes an in-depth look at the different forms of corporate taxation in Luxembourg. Deals a.o. with: An introduction to Luxembourg as a country and financial centre. Fully taxable resident businesses, including the calculation of profits-based taxes and the other taxes to which such a business is subject, as well as an assessment of the potential effects of net worth tax and capital duty on a transaction. Taxation of non-residents is also addressed in detail. Fully taxable "special purposes vehicles", including a full analysis of the banking and reinsurance sectors, with particular attention paid to the fully taxable holding company or SOPARFI. Other taxable entities that can be established in Luxembourg including new developments such as international pension funds, securitisation vehicles and the venture capital or private equity company (the SICAR). Tax-exempt vehicles - the 1929 holding company and investment funds, including details of the most up-to-date proposals for revisions to the 1929 holding company regime. Taxation of corporate reorganizations.

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