The Oxford Handbook of Global Legal Pluralism


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Local people and global goings-on : an African story / Sally Falk Moore -- Anthropological roots of global legal pluralism / Keebet von Benda-Beckmann and Bertram Turner -- The eclipse of global legal pluralism in ethnology : a French trajectory / Grégoire Mallard -- An anthropological perspective on legal pluralism / Sally Engle Merry -- Empires and jurisdictional politics : legal pluralism and the search for global order / Lauren Benton -- Other parts of the forest : some aspects of global legal pluralism / Carol Weisbrod -- Manifestations and arguments : the everyday operation of transnational legal pluralism / Peer Zumbansen -- Does legal theory have a pluralism problem? / Cormac Mac Amhlaigh -- Theorizing justice under conditions of global legal pluralism / Víctor M. Muñiz-Fraticelli -- Conceptual theories of law and the challenge of global legal pluralism : a legal interactionist approach / Wibren van der Burg -- Pluralist authority and the relation between plurality and pluralism / Nicole Roughan -- Global legal pluralism and the rule of law / David Lefkowitz -- Legal pluralism and the problem of evil / Detlef von Daniels -- Value pluralism and legal pluralism : using Radbruch's value-based approach to law to understand global legal pluralism / Sanne Taekema -- Law unbounded? The shifting stakes in global normative order / Neil Walker -- Constitutionalism without borders and governance beyond the states : a comparative institutional approach / Miguel Poiares Maduro and Neil Komesar -- Transnational networks and the construction of global law / Oren Perez -- Federalism as legal pluralism / Erin Ryan -- international law as a system of legal pluralism / Frédéric Mégret -- The integrative effects of global legal pluralism / Monica Hakimi -- International criminal law and legal pluralism / Elies van Sliedregt -- Cosmopolitan pluralist hybrid tribunals / Elena Baylis -- Global legal pluralism and conflict of laws / Ralf Michaels -- From the conflict of laws to legal pluralism and back / Horatia Muir Watt -- Global legal pluralism and commercial law / John Linarelli -- Private uniform law and global legal pluralism / Gralf-Peter Calliess and Insa Stephanie Jarass -- Compliance as an exchange of legitimacy for influence / Kishanthi Parella -- The application of non-state-based standards in international arbitration / Shahla Ali -- E Pluribus Plures : legal pluralism and the recognition of indigenous legal orders / Michael Coyle -- Indigenous rights and intrastate multijuridicalism / Dwight Newman -- Legal pluralism and indigenous legal traditions / Kirsty Gover -- State legal pluralism and religious courts : semi-autonomy and jurisdictional allocations in pluri-legal arrangements / Jaclyn L. Neo -- The future of religious arbitration in the United States : looking through a pluralist lens / Michael A.Helfand -- Sex policing in the Arab world / Haider Hamoudi -- The overlapping web of data, territoriality, and sovereignty / Jennifer Daskal -- The problem of platform law : pluralistic legal ordering on social media / Molly K. Land -- Fighting fundamentalism with pluralism : technologies of enlightenment during the Arab Spring / Madhavi Sunder -- Membership and global legal pluralism / Peter J. Spiro -- On the verge of citizenship : negotiating religion and gender equality / Ayelet Shachar.

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