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Few know that Dutch-based performance artist Frank Uwe Laysiepen (b. 1943, Germany), aka Ulay, was Marina Abramovics longtime collaborator. Their partnership ended in the 1980s when Ulay chose to follow a noncommercial path and Abramovic became an international art star. Ulays long and fascinating career centering on the idea of selftransformation is brought to light for the first time in the extensive survey catalog and exhibition at the Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt (Oct. 2016 Jan. 2017). Since the early 1970s, his body has served as the object of his research, the canvas on which various influences leave their traces. Ulays use of instant photography, first Polaroid, then digital, is his tool of choice, enabling him to instantly capture his morphing identities. Featured are years of photographs, performance pieces, and works Ulay has long kept private. Informative texts by Maria Rus Bojan, Noah Charney, Ann Demeester, Sophie Duplaix, Rudolf Frieling, Chrissie Iles, Dominic Johnson, Amelia Jones, Thomas McEvilley, Lyle Rexer, Beate Sntgen and Matthias Ulrich explore Ulays rich career.

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