Developing Java Enterprise Applications


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Learn how to build sophisticated enterprise applications using the Java(TM) Enterprise APIs

Stephen Asbury and Scott Weiner - two of Sun's favorite Java programming trainers-provide easy-to-digest instruction for the major Java Enterprise APIs and their associated programming tools and products. They describe proven techniques for combining these APIs to create powerful enterprise applications and discuss the role middleware products play in the enterprise development process. You'll learn how to:
* Program with Java Enterprise APIs like RMI, Servlets, JDBC, JNDI, JTS, and others
* Build N-Tier, transaction applications with Enterprise JavaBeans
* Create messaging applications with Java Messaging Service (JMS)
* Build a servlet search engine for your Web site
* Create an online store with JavaServer Pages (JSP)
* The CD-ROM supplies you with:
* Over 75 example Java applications, servlets, and Enterprise JavaBeans
* Two comprehensive examples including MiniJMS, a simple JMS provider
* Java 2 and Java Servlet Development Kit version 2.0 from Sun Microsystems
* BEA WebLogic application server version 3.1
* JBMS evaluation version 1.5 from Cloudscape

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