Ethical HEROES


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What makes workplaces engaging and inspiring? The author shares valuable insights to answer this and other pressing questions. Ethical HEROES encompass positive change, leadership effectiveness, and part autobiography of the author. Ethical HEROES, which is a practical workbook, is based on comprehensive management and leadership research. Also, the workbook reveals two leadership frameworks called HEROES and the Growth Triangle that underpin key foundational insights. The book also takes the reader on a treasure hunt to identify character strengths that serves as insights to inspire leaders to excel beyond expectations. Therefore, applying HEROES and the Growth Triangle can provide structure and strategy towards personal and or organizational growth.

HEROES and the Growth Triangle have proven themselves as competent enablers in the pursuit of improved efficiency and effectiveness. The building blocks advocated in this workbook run in parallel with the practical exercises at the end of every chapter, which are valuable engagement tools to enhance competence, self-confidence, and self-determination. Consequently, engagement with Ethical HEROES can enhance one’s assertiveness and determination towards achieving aspirations and goals. Therefore, Ethical HEROES encourage leaders to adopt responsive and responsible leadership practices that can nurture engaging, inspiring, and ethical workplace environments.

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