The Economics of Tax Avoidance and Evasion


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The articles in this collection give an overview of the economic theory and empirical analyses on tax avoidance and evasion written by the most important economic intellectuals in the period from early 1970s to the recent times. The book is structured as follows: Part I: Pioneering contributions to the theory of tax evasion; Part II: Pioneering empirical studies of tax evasion; Part III: Theories of tax auditing: principal-agent and game-theoretic perspectives; Part IV: Topics in tax administration; Part V:The implications of tax evasion for the theory of optimal taxation; Part VI: Corporate tax evasion: theoretical perspectives; Part VII: Information reporting and the role of intermediaries in tax compliance; Part VIII: Cross-border tax evasion; Part IX: General perspectives on tax avoidance; Part X: Corporate tax avoidance; Part XI: Base erosion and profit shifting by multinational firms; Part XII: Tax avoidance and the deadweight loss of taxation; Part XIII: Bunching analysis of tax evasion and avoidance: evidence from notches and kinks; Part XIV: The consequences of tax amnesties and of tax holidays for multinational firms; Part XV: The characteristics of tax havens, and their role in tax avoidance and evasion.

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