Schuyler Genealogy


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"This book is an attempt to pull together the records of many genea- logists and document the material wherever possible. This volume contains the first five generations of the descendants of the 17th century Dutch immigrants Philip and David Schuyler of Albany, N.Y., as well as the families of Jacob Schuyler of N.J. and Minaville, N.Y., the Rev. Johannes Schuyler, Philip Schuyler of Morrowtown, N.J., and other families prior to 1800 that spelled their name Schoeler/Schuiler/Schuyler or Shuler (Schuler?). I have been unable at this time to determine the immigrant ancestry of some of these families"--Introduction (p. iii). V. 2 continues with the descendants of David and Philip Schuyler of Albany, N.Y. from fifth to eighth generation including various Schuyler families in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Iowa and elsewhere.

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