The International Business Environment


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The International Business Environment is written for undergraduate and masters--level students taking an introductory module on the international context and environment of business as part of an International Business, Business Studies or Management degree.

The book provides broad and discursive coverage of the external environment confronted by both large and small organisations. It examines the key issues and institutions within economic, political and legal frameworks, as well as the impacts of social and cultural, technological and ecological developments.

A well-structured chapter framework features mini-cases, summaries, references and further reading. A selection of long cases provides further substantial illustration of concepts in practice.

A website for the tutor contains teaching and case notes, as well as presentation slides. It can be found at

Key Features

  • Applied business focus covers all aspects of the international business environment
  • Longer cases feature a range of industries in public and private sectors
  • Mini-cases and discussion questions provide regular opportunity for critical reflection
  • Recent data and examples bring immediate relevance to the subject
  • References to relevant websites at the end of each chapter

Dr Ian Brooks is Dean of Northampton Business School at University College Northampton and researches organisational change.

Jamie Weatherston is Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management at Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University

Graham Wilkinson is Senior Lecturer in Business and Economics at Northampton Business School, University College Northampton.

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