Present-Future Leader


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There is only one thing between you and success in today's economy: PRESENT-FUTURE LEADERSHIP!

Do you want more out of your career - and life? Do you want a career that matters and is successful? Are you tired of being scared about losing your job to AI, robots or someone in another country? Do you want a roadmap to success? This is a book that can help you move beyond fear and uncertainty into a strategy of success!

Are you a Senior Leader that is concerned about the future of your organization? Do you want to know how companies in a fast-changing and global economy thrive? Do you need insights to lead your organization forward? This is a book based on real-world learning and success stories of over 300 leading-edge companies in the hyper-competitive world of manufacturing and technology.

In this book, you will learn why you need to become a Present-Future Leader - and shift from being focused on the past. You will learn the essential principles of successful leaders, how you prepare to be a successful leader, the practices needed to maintain success, and how it all fits together in your life and at your company.

Learn About Topics in Chapters Like:

  • Today's Economy and World
  • Industry 4.0
  • The Future is Now!
  • Every Job is Changing
  • Have Fun!
  • The Power of Habit Building
  • Accountability Must be Your Foundation!
  • Individual Success
  • Team Success
  • What Does a Present-Future Organization Look Like?
  • A Present-Future World
  • Be Different - Today!

Each of these 33 critical chapters offers succinct lessons, quick takeaways, and a practical habit so you can begin your change efforts today and maintain it for a lifetime.

"This book offers some transformative recommendations for how to thrive in today's economy. As the former President of a leading global specialty steel company, I have seen first hand how tough it is to be successful in today's competitive environment. This book lays out the principles and a roadmap for both individual and company success. Read it today!"

- JIM BECKMAN, Former President, Crucible

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