Business and Its Environment


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This book provides a new approach to management and strategy in the business environment by addressing the issues that arise when a firm is embedded in the nonmarket environment, or the legal, political, and social context in which the firm is embedded. Its approach is a managerial one, rather than a public policy or social responsibility perspective, and focuses on issues of importance to managers of firms, emphasizing analysis and reasoning as the foundations for forming effective and responsible business strategies. The book gives conceptual frameworks for analyzing the business environment. They are: 1) understanding issues and their development, 2) strategy formulation, 3) analyzing the news media, 4) political analysis, 5) market failures, 6) the economics and politics of government intervention, 7) the economics and politics of international trade, 8) country analysis, and 9) ethics analysis and decision-making. These frameworks are based in the disciplines of economics, political science, law, and ethics and are applied to the environment of business in the United States and other countries, including China, Japan, and the European Union. The book contains 73 case studies, including Microsoft, eBay, ScheringPlough, Citigroup, DoubleClick, and British Petroleum. For managers in firms in the United States and other countries, and government employees whose jobs deal with the policy-making and business.

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