Designing Enterprise Applications with the J2EE Platform


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"The Java(TM) BluePrints Team has done it again. This book is an indispensable asset to all J2EE(TM) developers and should never be far from reach."

--John Crupi, coauthor of Core J2EE(TM) Patterns, Distinguished Engineer, Sun Java Center, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

The Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition, offers developers a simplified, component-based approach to creating applications for intranets and the Internet.

As part of the highly regarded Java BluePrints program, Designing Enterprise Applications with the J2EE(TM) Platform, Second Edition , describes the key architectural and design issues in applications supported by the J2EE(TM) platform and offers practical guidelines for both architects and developers. It explores key J2EE platform features such as Java servlets, JavaServer Pages(TM), and Enterprise JavaBeans(TM) component models, as well as the JDBC(TM) API, Java Message Service API, and J2EE Connector Architecture. It also discusses security, deployment, transaction management, internationalization, and other important issues for today's applications.

Through code samples and a full e-commerce application example, this book provides concrete guidelines to mastering the J2EE platform. Highlights include:

  • An introduction to the J2EE platform, the applications it supports, and the technologies it provides
  • Discussions on how to design Web-based applications using Java servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies
  • Architectural guidelines for designing Enterprise JavaBeans components for scalability, reliability, and performance
  • How to connect J2EE applications to existing systems and applications using JDBC and J2EE Connector technologies
  • Design motivations behind the widely used Java Pet Store demo application
  • A glossary of J2EE and enterprise computing terminology


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