Daniele Buetti


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Orange, yellow, green, blue – what happens in the human brain when colors are not seen with the physical eye, but instead aurally experienced with one's ears? This publication focuses on a sound installation by the Swiss artist Daniele Buetti commissioned by the Schirn Museum in Frankfurt, which transfers color theory, meditation, and hypnosis into an artistic context.

The Swiss conceptual artist Daniele Buetti, born in 1955, is a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts Münster in Germany. His artistic work spans many media. In the 1990s he rose to fame with his modified photographs of supermodels. His sound installationIt's all in the mind is based on a 25-minute audio performance taking the audience through techniques of hypnosis. In his work, Buetti uses 'color purification' techniques of hypnotic suggestion that conjure up different colors and their psychological effects. Interviews with well-known specialists complement this interdisciplinary volume.

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