LSV Reader's Bible, Volume III


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The LSV is finally here: a brand new, literal, easy-to-read translation of the complete Holy Bible-both Old and New Testaments. This groundbreaking Bible is the most literal English translation of the sacred scriptures ever published, yet the text is still elegant and easy to read.

This is the third volume of the LSV Reader's Bible, composing the complete collection known as the Writings (13 books), with handsome matte parchment cover and elegant, large print, 12-point Crimson type on thick, crème paper. Verse numbers are included for easy navigation, but are unbolded and significantly minimized to give the reader a novel-like experience.

  • Royal trim (6.14" x 9.21")

  • Hardcover with parchment-style cover

  • Gold-colored accents on spine and face

  • Single-column reader's format

  • Minimized verse numbers

  • Wide margins

  • Large print 12-point Crimson typeface

  • 50 lb crème paper

Features of the LSV:

  • The most accurate word-for-word, formal equivalence English translation of The Holy Bible

  • The unpointed, transliterated Tetragrammaton (Name of God) is used throughout the Old Testament

  • Capitalized pronouns and other nounal forms of God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit, as seen in translations like the NKJV

  • Justified typographic alignment consistent with the style of the autographs

  • The caesura mark is used in poetic portions of Scripture

  • Inclusion of the verses missing in many modern translations

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